‘Hungry for change’, a simple way to be healthy

Even as a dietitian, it is good and sometimes a great refresher to see some of the documentaries out there. So tonight, I decided to watch ‘Hunger for change’ (http://www.hungryforchange.tv/) while peddling away on my stationary bike (nothing better than keeping your body active as you are feeding your mind…right? multitasking 🙂 ).

Now, there are many documentaries that are product-pushers and tend to be extreme. However, this documentary focuses on 3 simple rules for being healthy: eat unprocessed foods, eat with love, and love yourself. Simple rules that can be quite a challenge when we have an ‘all-or-nothing’ way of doing things. ‘Monday, I will start my diet’; ‘I have to cut all the foods I love to be skinny’; ‘If I lose weight, I will be happy’. Many have been through this mental pattern, for many years, and after losing 10 lb, tend to gain 20 lb. And, with all the negativity these phrases hold, we are just moving towards a more destructive mental state and lower self-esteem.

The idea behind this documentary is to not diet, but to eat healthy. Add one healthy item at a time, and your body will crave less of the less-nourishing item. Eat with love, and do not eat when you are angry or sad. And just be happy! Did you know that the simple action of smiling actually makes you happy? And when we are happy, we crave less of the endorphin-inducing sugars, carbohydrates, fats and salt.

However, some might take word-for-word everything mentioned, like ‘white sugar is the new cocaine’. Ok, white sugar has no health benefits, but if I want to eat my apple crumb pie, I will eat my apple crumb pie. But I will eat it with friends, enjoy every bite with a glass of milk, and move one without any guilt for the rest of the day. Being healthy is about having unprocessed foods, but also eating processed foods (like that yummy apple crumb pie) with love, and your body will be healthy.

Dina Merhbi, a lover of apple crumb pie:)


2 thoughts on “‘Hungry for change’, a simple way to be healthy

  1. Hi Dina , I just discovered the Food Matters site, through a flight attendant colleague of mine.
    I very much appreciate this site and love the thinking behind it . It is definately an icon on my desktop.
    I am a believer and love the fact that so does my Nutrionist !
    Thank you Dina for sharing

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