Top 5 tips for a healthier and happier you

Hello everyone and welcome!

My name is Dina Merhbi, dietitian and founder of NutritionMontreal. I want to take the time today to see if you are taking time for yourself to live a happy and healthy life.

It is mid-November and Christmas is around the corner: The Christmas trees and decorations are already up! But, what happens during this holiday time is that we feel so overwhelmed with work, with family, with gift shopping, with end of season work contracts that we end up putting ourselves last. So, any New Year resolution that we had at the beginning of 2016 tends to drift away a few weeks or a few months after, and taking time for yourself to be happy and healthy takes the back seat.

And then what happens? January 2017 comes in, we have our New Year resolutions in mind, and we start with the greatest goals in mind: I’m going to take time to eat better, I’m going to take time to exercise, I’m going to try to bring down my stress, I’m going to sleep better.

But the thing is that the moment to make a change is NOW. When we tend to wait a little too long to take care of our health…tomorrow is always better, next Monday, next month, next quarter…we lose track of your health. So instead of waiting until then to take care of your health, why not now?

This is why I brought out my top 5 tips for a healthy and happy you. So, yes, I am a nutritionist, but I brought out new things that are not common to bring in our life.

So if you do want to grab copy, please visit, and then you can take part of your new health movement because the moment is NOW. Do not wait until Monday, do not wait until January. Every little moment that you take for yourself at this moment is the most important thing.

And, I’m curious, what do you feel helps you the most to stay on top of things for your health? Do share in the comment section below because I’m sure that the way you take care of health can be very helpful for other people. And hey, you never know, maybe your health tip will be part of our next health movement

Grab your copy NOW! ::: CLICK HERE :::

Wishing you a happy and healthy day, and a great end of day

Dina Merhbi, your health coach

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