Welcome / Bienvenue

Welcome to NutritionMontreal, where you are the leader of your health! From individual consultations to group conferences, we can guide you towards a healthier you! At NutritionMontreal, we guide you to view your nutritional issues from another angle, since food is just one variable in the equation. Your genetics, lifestyle and environment all play a role … Continue reading Welcome / Bienvenue

‘Hungry for change’, a simple way to be healthy

Even as a dietitian, it is good and sometimes a great refresher to see some of the documentaries out there. So tonight, I decided to watch 'Hunger for change' () while peddling away on my stationary bike (nothing better than keeping your body active as you are feeding your mind...right? multitasking 🙂 ). Now, there are many … Continue reading ‘Hungry for change’, a simple way to be healthy